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Description: Use a ball and paddle to smash your way through a series of regenerating blocks.
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Top Scores
Breakout Champion!
with a score of 22030
# Username Score Comment Time
1 Karyete 22030 Were ya? Really? I think not, foo :trollness: 9:34pm Feb 23rd
2 NanTheDark 19080 I was, indeed, saying. 10:01pm Feb 14th
3 Karyete 15760 You were saying, foo? 9:06pm Feb 14th
4 NanTheDark 14470 9:41pm Feb 14th
5 NanTheDark 13960 Owned. 8:04pm Feb 14th
6 Karyete 10590 Heh-heh....Alright, don't hurt me 8:01pm Feb 12th
7 Karyete 9680 I! AM! GOOOOODDD!!! 4:59pm Dec 15th
8 Karyete 7210 Well, err.....I think I'm quite good at this. 12:31pm Feb 12th
9 Xeuonia 6420 This is disappointing for my standards. 5:45pm Feb 12th
10 Karyete 5030 Damn XD 2:10pm Dec 20th

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