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Posted by: Bogdan Jul 23 2013, 10:47 AM
Hi, as you can cleary see the forum is or was dead for a bit, however after a long time of absence there is going to be a new update and I decided to make a topic about and in the same time to add a "guide" to the forum.

Now you noticed or not, the forum is getting a topic cleanup, they are not deleted, they are kept in an archive forum until we decided if they are worth keeping or not.

First the rules are in the same place: and I think they are fine as they are, I might take a peek on them to see if I missed something useful or added something useless.

Second on this skin, everything is at the top, your profile, your pms, home button, shoutbox, arcade, members, search, everything. If you see a button with a picture/painting on it, that's the background changer. Click on it, select your background from defaults one or enter an url to another one and hit change.

The medal images are broken so we may need to change them (I'll see if I can do something right), but besides forum stuff and maybe a bit of skin stuff I won't touch anything else (for now).

Posted by: ~MP3 Amplifier~ Sep 28 2013, 11:43 PM
I certainly don't want this forum to die- I'm using it a fair bit atm anyways as I've taken a break off Runouw and there are some great memories here I have to admit.. smile.gif

When people start wanting to return and revive this forum, then please do so.

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